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A short twenty years ago, you had to go full-on Sherlock Holmes to figure things out. If you wanted a particular recipe or wanted to learn a new skill, you had to go to the library, know the right people, and be in the right spot at the exact right time. Even then, it wasn’t sure you would get the input you needed. Having information readily available was almost a superpower, and if you were a walking fact machine, you were a genius.

Now, not so much.

If anything has dropped in value, it’s the availability of information. In fact…

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When transcending from being a child to an adult, it’s almost certain that life turns out a disappointment. All the magic uncle Disney showed us, and the ‘ you can be anything you want ‘ crap we were bombarded with don’t translate very well into maturity.

I still remember vividly how I used to play basketball all day with my bros for life and came home to the mesmerizing scent of freshly baked apple pie. I jumped on the couch with half a pie and watched Aladdin for the millionth time, fantasizing how I one day would play in the…

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Let’s say it’s 2030 and the world is thriving again, and this whole Corona thing is way behind us. Will you be able to look back at yourself and say that you did the right thing? Can you tell inspiring stories about that tragic time in the ’20s where shit hit the fan and the whole world was in lockdown? Will you be the hero that children look up to?

Or will you tell your children how you panicked and bought all the toilet paper from the supermarket, so you could safely wipe your ass just in case an apocalypse…

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Meet Joe.

Joe is what you call an average man. If you passed him on the street, you’d probably not even notice him. Joe works an ordinary job, drives a 10-year-old car, and makes just enough to pay the monthly bills. Every year he takes his wife and three sons on a two-week holiday. Nothing fancy, just a road trip to a campsite. It ain’t much, but the family enjoys themselves and the time together, and that’s good enough.

There’re many things on the family’s bucket list, and it’s safe to say that it’s unrealistic that they’ll ever reach the…

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When was the last time you were brutally honest? When you spoke your mind in a bold and authentic way. So bold, that five minutes later, you didn’t know if you could ever show your face again, but it felt so damn good inside.

Chances are you can’t even recall the last time you did exactly that. Many people have completely lost touch with what it means to be brutally honest, and just go with the flow of whatever life expects of them, no questions asked. …

In the pursuit of happiness, we try a lot of things to find our personal pot of gold. You know, that thing that will make us ultimately happy. That place where unicorns shit rainbows and life is one big excitement orgy.

Trying new things is cool, but when you always stick to trying, and never fully commit to one thing, you’ll eventually look back at a life with a lot of trying, but never any doing. It’s the doing that makes life worth living. It’s the doing that’ll make you realize that the pursuit of happiness is a silly thing…

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Some things in life, we get fundamentally wrong. One of those things is happiness. Once we were happy, now we’re not, and we want to know how to be happy again. The obvious answer is to find happiness, and so we go on a journey to find it.

If we find it, we hold on to happiness in eternity. We capture it and put it in a box. Safe, forever — mission completed.

But it never lasts.

Happiness will slip right through your fingers like fine sand. …

What if inventor Thomas Edison (1847–1931) could get a glimpse of how we live now? What would good ol’ Thomas think? I’m pretty sure his face would melt from awe and disbelief. All because in the last 100 years, very creative people have solved mind-boggling problems and made things better, forever.

Creativity sets us apart from other species in the world and makes us the dominant force. It’s because of creativity that we can deal with uncertainty. Creative people adapt quickly to changing situations because they know how to come up with new solutions.

But, the need for solutions to…

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1.2 million followers on Instagram, DM’s for booty calls by the dozens, shoutouts on every corner of the internet, and still Amanda felt empty inside every time she looked in the mirror. Well, looking in the mirror is a big statement. After a couple of seconds of eye to eye contact with her reflection, she just had to look away. She was unable to look at herself because she simply didn’t like what she saw.

Even with all that attention on Instagram for Amanda and her #instabooty, she never felt more alone. “If all these people love me, how come…

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Billy was always an adventurous little fella. As a toddler, he would open every cabin, lick whatever was within his reach and was highly fascinated by everything that happened in nature. In kindergarten, he was always the one taking the lead. Billy would make up fun games and be extremely curious about everything the teacher said. Billy wanted to figure out life by himself and was off to a head start.

Fast forward a couple of years. Billy is now ten years old, sits in the back of the class and the spark that was always in his eyes faded…

Dennis Stoelwinder

I write to put things in context for myself and like to believe I figured it out: don’t change the world, change yourself. More on:

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